dislocated rib

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dislocated rib

so last week i started having some rib pain, happened when i was pregnant with my first, they put my on painkillers for a dislocated rib, and i stopped walking to class with a heavy backpack, and it went away. never happened with #2. well, wrestling witha toddler at work who didnt want to sleep i managed to dislocate it again. irritated it getting in and out of hubbys truck and turning around to buckle Bubba. so i mentioned it to my OB friday and she told me she'd write me a note for work as soon as i said so..... like she wants me off work.... because of my rib... she said it probably couldnt be fixed.

well.... after spending the weekend in pain, even off work i wouldnt be able to function like that, i went to an awesome chirporactor today. i've been putting it off FOREVER, the guy is great, i know tons of people who go to him, and i just always say that DH is more important. HE FIXED ME. i feel soo much better! looks like i will not be leaving work early any time soon! i can go back to him if it goes out again!

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Oh my! That must have been painful! Glad the chiro helped!