Donate items and alone for 4 days?

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Donate items and alone for 4 days?

Hi guys...question...if someone said "don't buy that, I have XXX I can give you", how long should you wait before you start asking when they would give you the item?

Between DH's brother and sister, they've already offered us:[INDENT]
-several packages of NB and Size 1 diapers that none of their kids fit into anymore (even thought we are using cloth, DH wants to have disposables on hand as well as cloth is freaking him out a bit)

-TONS of clothes from NB to 2 yrs old, all boy, but I'm not picky and a girl (if it's a girl) can wear boy clothes fine except the odd piece that might say "boy" on it.

-bouncer seat

-pack n play

-other misc items. [/INDENT]

For the last few items, some of them are at their old house in New Brunswick (N.B.) though, which explains why we don't have them yet. Which brings me to my other question....

DH's parents car broke down with a flat tire that ruined the rim before they could pull over. They have no $ to fix it right now, and as it is they owe $1500 to my sister to pay back the loan for first month rent at their new house. They were planning on driving back to N.B. next weekend to bring back stuff for the house. DH has offered to take them instead. I don't feel comfortable driving 1600km at 33 wks (not sure my doc would even let me) so I'm staying home.

For the first time since July I will be HOME ALONE, no people in my way, nothing for 4 whole days! I admit I'm a little nervous to be alone though at 33 wks pregnant. My sister lives 10 min away though so I'm sure it's fine. DH is worried too, but his parents have to go back, no choice, as someone was checking in on their house and they have a roof leak they need to investigate and they need to close up the two houses down there for the winter.

At least DH will be able to bring back all the baby stuff they want to give us....and probably bring back some gifts from family out that way as well.

I just hate that I don't know the condition/quality of the items being given so I don't know what I should start buying!!

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Sounds like normal mommy nesting stress... My first was born the day before we were to have his first shower (he was 2 months early).... We hadn't even set up the crib or anything! He was fine.

Take the time to enjoy the quiet... You have backup nearby if needed. Let yourself relax and nest or do whatever you want. You'll miss having you time after baby (especially if you plan to nurse) and will look forward to even grocery shopping alone!

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Yeah, I guess this is nesting. I have this list of cleaning supplies I want to buy so I can scrub the house after everyone leaves!! I want to buy like a bulk pack of magic erasers to get all the gunk off the walls!

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