Embarrassed today....

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Embarrassed today....

I've been away from the office for three weeks (including the rest of this week). When I left I was just hitting 12 weeks and finally told my manager, but no one else. I was bloated but still hiding it ok.

Well, today was our weekly team meeting and because I'm on my work from home shift and our team is in several offices, I called in to the conference call we have for it. At the end of our meeting we do a round table where our manager asks if any of us have any issues or concerns.

My manager goes to me "Rachael, anything you would like to share with the team??". I almost kind of expected it, but yeah...I had to spill the beans. I told them I was pregnant but I expect many of them knew already due to the fact that I announced it on FB 2 weeks ago. Only one person on my team is a FB friend and he apparently has spread the word, but my manager thought it would be fun to get me to officially announce it.

It was all in fun, but in a way kind of nice to do it over a call from home so everyone didn't see how red I went! I'm so not good with being the center of attention!

At least when I'm back in the office next week I won't have to hide anything anymore and I can relax!

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Whew! now you can loosen the belt! LOL!