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    Default freaking - asthma meds

    So, I got sick last week. When I get sick, my asthma gets worse. I used my medication but then ran out.

    I went to the walk-in clinic today to get more and he said "are you sure your doctor said this medication was ok? It's not one I would give a pregnant woman".

    My doctor and my allergist/immunologist both said this one is safe for pregnancy (symbicort) but I googled it, and it's shown to cause birth defects in animals.

    Now I'm freaking. I've been taking it nightly for 15+ years. If I miss a dose, I wheeze all night. Since I got sick, I upped the dosage to 4 times a day, which is what I always do when sick. I don't know if I should fill the new script now. But my asthma is really bad and I know that I need to take something with this cold.
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    Since Symbicort is category C drug, I'm assuming your doctor decided that the benefits for you outweigh the possible risks to your baby. However, if it were me I would double-check with them just to be sure and make certain they are aware that you up your dosage when you have a cold (maybe they know you do so when not pregnant but didn't consider the increased dosage effects during pregnancy). If it continues to concern you, talk with them about possible alternative asthma medicines that you could use through remainder of your pregnancy. To settle your nerves a bit, while the animal studies (I think these were rats or mice) can be concerning remember that it could be different in humans (too many ethical and legal complications in setting up human studies though) and sometimes the study dosages are larger amount than would normally be prescribed to a person (disclaimer: I didn't read up on actual studies involved with this particular drug). Hope this helps.

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    Great info! Thank you for chiming in, Christina!

    I double the suggestion to give your doc a call to make sure s/he's ok with you taking it.

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    they give me zofran for nausea and its a class c drug. i feel guilty for taking it... until i cant work because i'm puking and i remember i can't neglect my other kids. i was on asthma meds with my first (singulair) and that was supposed to be ok. since then i've outgrown my asthma i think.
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