Full house!

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Full house!

I hope everyone is having a good long weekend!!

We have a full house here and it's already stressing me out. DH's parents moved in with us for a few months until they find a place to live up here. Now DH's brother and his family are here for the weekend. That's 6 adults, 3 dogs, and a 2 year old in our town house. My bulldog keeps chasing around the other two dogs (a terrier mutt and a chihuahua) and the 2 year old keeps getting mixed up in the running and I'm afraid my bulldog is going to plough him down as he has no experience with kids at all. He seems to be doing ok but I'm still nervous and feel like I have to hold on to my dog the entire time.

I suspect I will be hiding in our bedroom with the window A/C unit much of the weekend.

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