Gd test today

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Gd test today

I have my one hour test today.... Ugh I hate that orange stuff! Anyone else done the one hour yet? Yes, I'm early... I have a history of it. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: won't know results for a little but all looks good with baby, after the nurse gave me a heart attack! I had a different nurse today, I explained I was in for the gd test, thyroid check and other blood work (the gd is timed so I mentioned it specifically, the thyroid is not normal either and my doc asked me to remind my nurse so they didn't have to stick me twice since its a separate vial, the other blood work was routine). She registered the GD stuff and so she assumed I was like 28 weeks (didn't look in the chart- which is fine) then did the blood pressure and pulled out the Doppler to check heart rate. Interesting tip... Doppler doesn't easily pick up heart rate at 15 weeks unless baby is perfectly positioned. So a quick heart attack and trip to the ultrasound room and all is well. Nurse was soo apologetic when she came back. It was an honest mistake and no harm done. And I got bonus pictures of the baby!!

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Good luck! I've never had a GTT test before, but my dad and grandmother both were Type 2 diabetic. I have risk factors for it so I don't know if/when the midwife might make me do the test.