Getting through the "just fat" stage?

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Getting through the "just fat" stage?

Ug...I feel like a slug. I'm bloated and chubby.

When I wear my old clothes you can tell I've gained. Not just in the belly with bloat, but my whole body feels thicker, like I'm retaining water or swollen or something. Darn Prometrium! I'm sure that's the cause....

I have no idea what to wear from day to day. If I wear loose clothing (which I don't have much of) I feel so...not put together or professional. When I wear my usual form fitting clothes I feel fat. I work in a business casual environment and I usually wear business suit type outfits. All my shirts are curvy form fitting.

I really can't wait for this phase to pass...

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Belly band?

Not sure!

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just look fat. oh well. lol. as long as you are comfortable! fat people look fat all day every day, and manage to pull off professional! (that was mostly a joke there...)