good thoughts please... UPDATE!!

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good thoughts please... UPDATE!!

So I have my first doc apt today... I'm fairly nervous. My last M/c was found at my first apt when there was nothing on the U/s.... there was a sac but nothing in it. I'm nervous it will happen again. I had no signs or symptoms of a M/c... never any spotting or anything. They initially thought maybe I wasn't as far as I thought I was and that there was a chance it was just too early but a month and a half later there was no change. My apt is at 10am (its 8:15 ish now). I guess just asking for sticky dust thoughts... thanks!

UPDATE!! There's a baby!!! I got to see the little heart flickering away. I feel sooo much more relaxed now. Heart rate was 127 and I'm 6weeks 4 days so Feb 1st. Thanks!!

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Sending good thoughts your way!

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Great news! Yay for a hb!

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Congrats! Yay!

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Awesome news

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that is awesome news. Congratulations!