Got a U/S {pic}

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Got a U/S {pic}

This was Done at 6weeks
Was very Relived to see Something was there ,Seeing I have a history of M/C
Tech said they are prob going to want to do another seeing they were Just able to pick the Heartbeat up.
But here it is ... i want to say girl ...Im feeling the same way i felt with my daughter , We shall see though either way im fine as long as baby is healthy
The tech was super nice she sat on the bed the whole time talking to me and doing her work ..that the weeks are messed up .. it says 8wks but i was not 8wks when that was done ..
she gave me a EDD of 2/1/14 but said i should keep the 1/27/14 cause thats the one my MW will go off of

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Yay for a good looking bean!

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