"had that baby yet?"

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"had that baby yet?"

A friend texted me today and asked if i had the baby yet.

if she forgot my due date, she should have asked again what it was.

so i told her f^ck no, i have almost 5 more weeks!

since i guess she can't count.......

i'm totally not ready for everyone to be asking me every day if i have had the baby. i'm going to post really snarky things on facebook every day if i have to. and unfriend anyone who decides to be a dink about this.

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It's a little early for that question! Maybe she just remembered "sometime around Christmas"..

Once I get within a week of my due date, I stop answering my phone. I went almost a week over with DD2, and MIL called at least once a day (some days more often) to check on me. I made DH answer all my calls, and even he screened some of them because he was getting so irritated.

Srsly. Stop. You know you are going to be one of the first people we call when baby arrives. Chill out and wait patiently!

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OMG i hate my MIL, i dont even think she has my cell number, but i don't answer anyway when she cals the house, and i won't talk to her. if she starts asking every day i may go out of my way to just deck her. Plus, i didnt tell DH this but i'm actually going to ask the hospital to not let her in my room. because i'm a b*tch like that. i just dont need her negativity around. and if she comes to visit at home i'm going to let her stay for 5 minutes and then take my baby back. and if she comes to visit again... well... she can f-ing leave because i don't want her there and she is useless and no help at all.