had our first sono today : )

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had our first sono today : )

Everything is looking great... they have me as a little further behind than what I have calculated. But they said we are sticking with my dates. If we went with what they said.. it would have put me at having a positive pregnancy test at 4 days after conception. LOL. So its obviously off. She said it can be within a week at this stage and not to worry about it since I am so sure of my calendar. So anyway. Keeping my due date at 1/11/14.

Oh the heartbeat was 134 bpm.

Which I find very interesting. I KNOW. I KNOW. there is no scientific proof between genders and heartbeats. But let me just say this. All 3 of my daughters were 160 bmp from the very beginning to about 1/2 way through.. where they remained in the 150s til birth. So this slower beating heart is very out of the norm for my uterus! Wink

Tomorrow is my middle baby's birthday. Dont want to overshadow that.. so we will probably do some announcing to the girls and family on Thursday

I hate secrets.. will be glad when I can blab!

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Yay!!! And happy birthday to your little one... Or as my 2 year old says... "Happy cake!!" (Mommy makes cakes for everyone's birthdays - currently baking a 5 tier quincera cake)

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Yay! Congrats on a good sono!

I gather you are hoping for a boy?