Had a visit with my OB monday

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Had a visit with my OB monday

So I went to my OB Monday. Haven't seen her since she birthed my last baby 3 years ago. (I'm a bad non preggo mom.. Always skipping well woman visits) lol. She was super excited to see me. I had a successful vbac with her. At 41 weeks.. And Lainey was 9 lbs 10 ounces. So she says she always uses me as reference to other potential
Vbac moms. : ) we briefly talked about my desire to NOT be induced. This is my last baby and I have never experienced going into labor on my own. My body likes to stay pregnant FOREVER. She said this time she would probably let me go to 42 weeks. And I'm sure my body will take every bit of that too. It's going to suck but the biggest gap possible between Christmas and babies birthday will be easiest in the long run! : )

I was excited to get things rolling. Didn't do any blood work just peed on their stick and set up my first sonogram. It's a week from Tuesday.. I will be 7.5 by then. Can wait to see the heartbeat and announce our news to our daughters and our family. The secret is hard to keep!

(Shhhh! Facebook secret!)

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i'm a bad non-preggo to. but its because we don't have insurance and i have to apply for state insurance and I HATE DOING IT. plus i read an article about only needing a pap every 2-3 yrs if you are only with 1 partner and have had 2 normal and no abnormal paps. so i figure thats me Wink