Happy 1 week birthday, Rowan!

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Happy 1 week birthday, Rowan!

How's she doing, Rachael? Still eating and breathing well on her own? What's the latest on our first official Polar Bear?

How's your recovery going?

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Awww Thanks!

She is doing awesome. The only problem they had was her IVs didn't want to stay working well so she keeps getting pokes to move it. But today she should hopefully get the IV out if she doesn't need TPN anymore. As of last night she was up to 21ml breast milk per feed every 3 hours and they increase 3 ml every 3rd feed. She's gaining weight well too and she has a little pot belly now. She knows mommy and daddy and instantly calms down if she's fussy and we touch her hands or pat her head. Since she was so long (18.9 inches) when born she won't fit in preemie clothes, but NB ones are good. She just needs to put on some fat really. Once she hits 5 lbs and can maintain her own body temp she gets to go home. We start breast feeding on Thursday too and I may be moving back to the hospital if that goes well. They have "care by parent" rooms for free. Basically it's a small room with a bed and locker. They provide linens only, and I supply the rest. I can sleep there so I'm close for feedings. I figure I can go home in the evenings when DH comes home from work, shower, pack fresh clothes and some sandwiches, then head back to the hospital. It's a little harder to eat healthy that way though as I don't want to spend a fortune eating at the hospital cafeteria, but I won't have a fridge. Unless I give them the ok to bottle feed with breast milk so I can maybe sleep at home? I haven't really figured out what we will do yet. I don't think she will have any breast feeding issues though. She takes the pacifier and won't let it go and I almost feel bad we can't put her on the breast already because she sucks so well. Once she's on the breast though I won't want to leave!

I'm doing good. My incision site stings a lot but it looks good (no redness or oozing or anything) and my midwife said it is normal. I do have a lot of postpartum fluid retention though, and my feet and lower legs look like balloons! The nurses and midwife all say it's normal and I just need to wait it out but holy it's driving me nuts!! My bleeding is barely there too which is weird. I expected epic amounts of bleeding but really it's a trickle and even the first few days it wasn't that bad. I could literally use a panty liner right now it's that light. My milk has come in, no engorgement so that's good (had some leaking this morning though for the first time - woke up with wet circles on my shirt). I get really random amounts though while pumping. Sometimes it's .5 ounce total between both breasts, then last night I got 1.8 ounces out of one side! (that was after a long cuddle skin to skin at the hospital so I think that triggered some production once I pumped when I got home). I literally just pumped and got only 20 ml between both breasts… *sigh* I guess it's just hit and miss at this point. I'm drinking a ton of water (literally, drank a litre while sitting pumping) and eating oatmeal and anything else I know can help improve lactation. I'm sure it will be much better when she's actually on the breast….

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Glad to hear she's doing so well.

I think with a c-section the bleeding is less because they kind of clean out the uterus.

Keep up the good work, pumping and soon breastfeeding! Grow Rowan Grow!

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Awe, they make you wait until 5lbs? Here it is 4lbs. Make sure to keep her little soother, I look at Robbie's now and it is so tiny but looked so huge when he was using it.

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The more skin to skin you can do and them pump the better the let down. Glad she's doing so well! Reminds me of my "little" guy (just turned 5! When he was a preemie.

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I'm so glad to hear everything is going so well! If they have a room for you, I encourage you to stay at the hospital. You can take a cooler to hold your things. Or ask if the NICU has a fridge you can use. Ours did. They had a fridge for breastmilk (all the bottles carefully labeled for each baby, Tiven's "logo" was a duck!) and a fridge for medications, and a fridge for everyone's food.

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They have rooms but I don't know about fridges. I will ask tonight. I have a lot of questions for the nurses and doctors tonight. If they want me to try the breast tomorrow, I will spend the day there and we shall see what happens.

I think she's got into a pattern and is used to us coming each night between 7PM and 9PM. The last two nights she was super awake for us. Last night she cried for the first time in her isolette while we were there. I know around 8PM is feeding time and I'm sure it was a hungry cry. I felt so bad, if I could have put her on the boob I would have! She has a pacifier and as soon as DH put it in her mouth she started sucking away to no end! I have no doubt when we get to breastfeed that it will go well. She may not do it for long at first because she's small, but I'm sure she will get good at it fast.

Last night DH did skin to skin for the first time. It was so cute! She got my milk in her feeding tube and then DH held the pacifier in mouth which she sucked on happily. She knows when the food hits her tummy and this look of happiness and soothing goes across her face. She was awake for a bit and then dozed off completely on DH's chest. She was NOT happy when we had to go and we had to put her back. She looked so unhappy, but settled down and fell back asleep pretty quick after. She's up to an ounce per feed too now, which is awesome. I have no idea where she puts it all in that tiny belly!

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That sounds wonderful!! I, too, encourage you to stay there once you start breastfeeding but you can always play it by ear and see how it goes. Switching from paci/bottle in the NICU to breastfeeding and then back and forth right from the start did not work out well for us... We had issues with breastfeeding and clear bottle preference for a very long time (around 6-8 months) and it was beyond frustrating. I wish I had never allowed them to give him a bottle at all. But he wouldn't latch so I didn't really have a choice I suppose. In any case, I hope things go smoothly and baby continues to do so well!

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we had little success with BF at the NICU. She found bottle feeding exhausting so it took awhile to get the required number of feedings a day, even by bottle. They did a lot where I "nursed" her but they still tube fed her at the same time so she would associate a full tummy with nursing. Usually she fell asleep after a few minutes but I would still hold her like I was nursing. They would only let me try once a day though because it exhausted her so much. The rest of the time, we focused on the bottles because once she could take all her food without the tube, she could go home.

Once we got home, she started to gradually do one feeding a day by nursing and it took about 2 months for her to be willing to nurse all her feedings. We also had to use a nipple shield until around 6 months.

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Wonderful to hear her progress and that you are doing well! Any updates on the breastfeeding attempts yesterday? I hope it went well!

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Congratulations! I'm glad she is doing so well.