Hey fellow January Mama's...I am back again and here to stay!

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Hey fellow January Mama's...I am back again and here to stay!

Hey ladies,

I introduced myself to this board several months ago, I think...can't remember now as it has been a while...and then went MIA for the last several months as life has been so crazy busy and I have just not had a chance to log in at all.

My name is Kimia and I am officially 35 weeks today and I have been meaning to come back in for a while now to get back into the swing of things with my fellow January Mama's...update you on my pregnancy, follow your progress, get to know you better, etc. So sorry I have been gone for so long.

But I am here now and here to stay. I am getting so excited to have our newest baby join our family. As I mentioned before this baby was a complete surprise and was unplanned but we are grateful for this unexpected blessing and are embracing this baby wholeheartedly.

This is baby number 5 for us. We have Jordan age 9, Jasmine age 6, Jaeda age 4, and Jacob age 15 months. Having these last two so close together will be a challenge but I am trying to get as prepared as I can. It helps a ton that I have 4 great kids already and the older three help me a lot. They are so excited to have another baby join our family.

I am excited to follow the rest of you as you complete this pregnancy journey also. I can't believe we are all getting so close!

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Welcome back, Kimia! Congrats on #5! Will your newest one follow the J trend? Do you know if you're having a boy or girl?