Hi Ladies...new and wanted to introduce myself.

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Hi Ladies...new and wanted to introduce myself.

Hey everyone,

I am not new to these boards but new to this month since I am expecting and due in January...just wanted to introduce myself and start to get to know you all.

I have known that I was pregnant since the end of May, but this pregnancy was unplanned and a huge surprise to us. My youngest was only 9 months at the time of us finding out and we weren't trying. Granted I didn't have anything going on to prevent but I had been nursing my baby, hadn't gotten any periods, etc. I knew there was a chance but thought it was very slim. I was actually planning to go in for an IUD the very next week...

So on the morning before Memorial Day when I felt really nauseated all of a sudden the thought popped into my head but I thought surely I can't be. Well, I happened to have a couple tests on hand, grabbed one and took the test. Within a minute a big digital word PREGNANT showed up. I was in shock. My first thought was scared because I knew DH wanted to be done and I was afraid he would be angry. My second thought was...I am not ready yet. I still have a baby. I am still nursing. I haven't been able to get back to where I want to be physically yet. I myself wanted at least one more child, but DH thought we were done and wanted to be done. Secretly I hoped that I would be able to get him to agree in a few years...and then this happens.

I was agitated because I didn't know how to tell him. I was pacing around after I stopped the tears in the privacy of the bathroom and he could tell something was up. I eventually pulled out the test and showed him...his first response was "This is good news!" I started crying cause I thought he would react differently but he was so great about it all and immediately said "Obviously someone else has other plans for us and this baby is a blessing." So we are both really happy about it all and I knew I always was, but just nervous about how he would take it.

So its been 11 weeks since finding out...and since I never had a period I had no way of knowing how far along I was, when I was due, etc. We went to CA in July and did some other things, were very busy, so I had no way of scheduling an appt. until last week...so I finally went in on July 31st and my appointment went really well.

We had to have an ultrasound also to determine how far along I was...during my actual appt. I was able to hear the heartbeat for the first time. It sounded so good. When I was lying there still in shock over this whole pregnancy, I asked my midwife..."So I really am pregnant, huh?" She laughed and said you sure are. She was excited to see us and couldn't get over how big my son is...she delivered him last August.

She measured me and guessed that I was about 14 weeks, but then when she did the cervical exam she said it may be closer to 16 weeks.

After my appt. we went straight to the ultrasound and that took about 40 minutes. Baby boy slept in his carseat the whole time so that was nice. At my ultrasound baby's legs were crossed and we couldn't see gender yet. But baby was moving around and so cute. Very active. It was so surreal to hear the heartbeat and actually see our baby in the same day.

Eventually baby opened the legs and we got an idea what the gender is. We were surprised with our last baby as we chose not to find out his gender, but with this one we just kind of decided to go for it and what we are trying to decide now is if we will tell people or keep it to ourselves. The tech was pretty sure of the gender but we will wait until the next ultrasound in a month before we decide for sure what we are doing...

The reason we were able to see the gender is because based on the ultrasound measurements I was estimated to already be 16 weeks 5 days as of last Wednesday with a due of January 10, 2014. As of today almost a week later, I will be 18 weeks tomorrow already. Its crazy that I am already almost halfway and just barely found out how far along I am, my due date, heard and saw the baby for the first time just barely last week. We are excited though. Never had a winter baby so that will be interesting.

After the appt. we went and got some blood work done, then got to go to lunch (baby was still sleeping all through it) so it was a pretty nice mostly child-free date. The kids loved looking at the pictures of the baby that we brought home and are very excited.

I have also been wondering if I have been feeling movements in the last week. I think so, but not positive. The tech also told me that the placenta is posterior this time which I am glad about, cause with my last two placenta was anterior so it was harder to feel movements until further on because the placenta was in the way...but not this time. So I think I really have been feeling little movements. I am just barely starting to poke out so its still easily enough to hide. I probably won't announce it publicly until my official ultrasound in a couple weeks.

Anyway, things are going well and we are happy. Everything else going on in my life right now is a whole other story...lots of stress, very overwhelmed, etc. But at least the baby looks good...

So just wanted to introduce myself and hope I can get to know you also. This is baby #5 for me so I have done this several times already, but each time it happens its crazy how you forget and everything is different, etc.

I have been wanting to post in either January or February birth board as I guessed I was at least 13+ weeks but wasn't sure...basically just have been waiting until my appt. to determine my due date and now I know for sure I am having a January baby. I thought I was at least 6-7 weeks which would put me closer to 16 weeks at my appt. and I was right. Almost 17 weeks at my appt. I just had an idea that I was a little further along because I usually don't get nauseated until between 6-8 weeks. So I was about 7 weeks when I found out. Anyway, glad to be here. Smile

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Welcome to January! We are a small group it seems to the more the merrier!

That's a crazy story though! I guess this little thing was meant to be for you!

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congrats and welcome!

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Welcome, and congrats on your unexpected blessing! I love your DH's response.

I can relate to your story. My baby is a little older than yours (turns 2 soon), but we weren't trying either. Knew the slight possibility was there but that "pregnant" on the hpt was definitely a surprise.

Glad your appointment went so well!