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I tested again this morning and the line is probably lighter than it was yesterday, same test brand from the same box. Beee I'm not sure what to make of it-- not sure if it's a chemical pregnancy or what. Hubby and friend say I need to quit testing and test again on Monday with a digital test so there is no line reading. I suspected a couple of years ago that I had had a chemical pregnancy and suspecting them comes along with testing early. My period isn't due until Monday so I won't be touching a test again until then. Our trip got delayed and changed around, we were supposed to leave yesterday but now we are not leaving till today but it will still help to take my mind off. Smile

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Well keep us posted! Could be urine concentration? Or period not due til Monday could just mean very low levels of hcg just not being picked up very well!

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Or it could be the dye being less vibrant on that test, urine concentration (you had more to drink maybe), time of day and a million things. Hope Monday brings what you are looking for