How is everyone today?

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How is everyone today?

I'm on my "work from home" shift this week, which is 4PM-12AM. Because it's later, they let us work from home (it's IT).

Usually I don't like this shift as I hate staying up late, but I need it this week to slowly catch up on house work that I've been lazy about. Plus, I can be lazy in sweat pants all week! My work pants were getting a little tight with the bloating so I'm going to have to hit some stores this week as well and maybe find something I can use in the meantime....

I just hope I can stay awake!

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Trying to catch up after caking all last week... My boys are being pistols so far... Can't wait til nap time! Morning sickness has finally hit which is reassuring (didn't have any with my loss).

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Just put the girls down for nap/quiet time. Neither one seems too keen on napping today, but putting them in their room for an hour to at least read or play quietly is a MUST for my sanity!