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I guess I couldn't have known how the hormones would affect me until now... but, is it weird that I have no appetite?

I thought I would be starving or craving things, but in actuality, everything tastes different and I'm not craving food at all!

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Totally normal! For the 1st 2 weeks I couldn't hardly stand the thought of food most of the time, but had to force myself to eat for blood sugar purposes. Then there was a really big chance I might loose it, even if it was something I normally loved, like chocolate. Now, within the last week, I've turned from yuck, nothing looks good, to only certain things look good, but I MUST HAVE THEM!! And sometimes, food sounds great and then I think I might lose it as soon as I put it in my mouth. Like the BBQ sandwich I just had to have last night. Ugh!

With my DS nothing except cheese and pickles sounded good or was able to be kept down until about 11 wks. Oh, and icecream...but not together...hehe Then, I turned to starving all the time. Smile

It changes throughout for most of us. Smile

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LOL ok. Sounds normal then. I don't feel sick or anything, just not hungry really. It's strange because I usually have a huge appetite! Like, I had an egg with cheese on toast this morning at 7AM and it's 1PM and I haven't even thought about lunch yet!

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With Robbie I did not know I was pregnant until I was 6 weeks, that being said I did go through a period of not wanting to eat anything but have to as I am diabetic. I then started craving KD which I despise, then m/s (or all-day sickness) in my case started. When I had the KD craving it was 1 week before I found out I was pregnant.

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my first pregnancy i was hungry/starving any everything sounded good... and i lost that one.

second one was my daughter, and the reason i tested is because i was suddenly STARVING, so nuked a couple hot dogs, ate half of one and wanted to throw up. same with my usual bowl of cheerios that morning, but i figured i had some bad milk. Then i was alternatly random cravings and nothing sounding good at all.

my son i tested because i was totally sick to my stomach at work for 2 days (wasnt even late) and i couldnt figure out why! now i don't really remember with him if i had any cravings or if i was hungry or not.

this time has been strange. i'm not very hungry for breakfast, but if i don't eat anything i get nauseous within an hour. so i cave and eat something. and cereal is still making my tummy happy, when it didnt with either of the other 2. i start to get freaked out that something is going wrong, until i do something else an hour later and get nauseous then... REALLY nauseous. like today i was fine all morning, until we had lunch, which sounded so good when i made it, tuna salad on some tuscan herb flatbread crackers, and an hour after that, not right away, i totally had to go lay down because i was feeling so sick. off and on through the afternoon.

i had my first real craving today. i had to go buy blueberry poptarts. had to. and yes, i enjoyed the one i had. very tasty.

my real difference isnt appetite, its SLEEP. i go to sleep at night, but if ANYTHING wakes me up.. im up for hours. really drowsy, but can't sleep. sucks that my hubby works nights and sometimes comes home at 3 am. also small children wake me up and i can't go back to sleep. i'm also so sleepy i can't keep it together during the day. i've been laying down for naps. but i just barely doze off and then i'm up again... and i cant get back down. but i'm still tired! its kind of annoying.

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Pretty normal! You know, I am not caring too much about food right now either. Sometimes I think.. Interesting. I have eaten since this morning and I don't seem to care. Just don't feel hungry. 2nd trimester it will probably change for you. That's when the cravings and appetite hit me!