Immune system worse?

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Immune system worse?

Anyone finding their immune system being worse? Last week I caught a stomach bug (pretty sure it wasn't MS as I had a fever, vomiting, and diarrhea for 24 hours) and now I have picked up the head cold going around my office. Is this normal?

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pretty much...your body is busy growing a baby so it leaves you open to more illnesses, feel better soon.

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Yup!!! That's one thing I wasn't told about!!
Your immune system is less to stop you fighting baby.
I was told by someone to not avoid colds as it was good for babies immune I was less careful and caught a cold.... It was horrendous!! Worse cold ever because I couldn't fight it or do any normal drugs!!!
M has a cold now and is sleeping in the spare room so I don't get it!!
Feel better lovely

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i actually have the opposite. i get sick LESS when i'm pregnant. i think my immune system is overprotective. or maybe i eat better. idk. but everyone tells me that your immune system is supposed to be weaker when you are pregnant, but i don't have that issue. in fact, my asthma and allergies are not as bad when i'm pregnant either.