Just can't win!

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Just can't win!

Yesterday morning was my last dose of progesterone. This morning I woke up to the worst dizziness I've experienced in a long time. I literally just crawled to the bathroom to pee as standing up I felt unstable. I feel bad as I had to call in sick to work again but I totally did not expect this side effect coming off them. I googled it and it seems to be a normal side effect coming off them so I'm not worried, just pissed as I had a ton of things at work to do today as I will be gone from the office on vacation the next two weeks. I had a meeting with two people that I have to cancel now. Ugggggg!

Now DH is concerned. He just called me. He is a little worried that something could be wrong. At 12 weeks the placenta is supposed to take over and produce enough progesterone, right? I don't even have a diagnosed progesterone issue, I was just on it as a preventative.