Just ordered this!!

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Just ordered this!!


I've been eyeing these coats after a friend of mine showed pictures of hers on Facebook! It's my birthday present to myself and I hope it comes in a few days (she's shipping from the same city as me so hopefully it arrives quick!)

I got the grey as one of the two options for the thicker fleece. I'm hoping to wear it as long as possible in the fall and early winter and if it gets too cold I have an older larger wool dress coat I can put over top (can't button it though). What I love as I can use it for baby wearing later on! I hope to get to use it for camping and other activities over the next two years.

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That looks totally cool!

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That looks like a nice coat. My DH got me a babywearing/maternity coat last year for Christmas. I love it!

Mama Parka Black wool by CreationsMoaPo on Etsy

Only thing is it's like 3x the price of that one. You'll have to let us know how you like the coat!

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wow, i'm so cheap i just borrow DH's mens 3xl coat and wear it with whatever i need underneath. that coat looks freaking awesome.