Not eating enough?

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Not eating enough?

I'm worried I'm not eating enough. Because my stomach is so high and I already had pre-existing really bad acid reflux (had an acid induced ulcer a year ago), I can't fit anything in without pain and horrible reflux.

I used to be able to eat breakfast AND have a cup of tea. Now if I have one, I have to wait hours before I can have the other. If I have the tea first, it takes FOREVER to empty from my stomach (it's liquid so I have no idea WHY it takes forever).

1/2 a sandwich max, instead of before being able to eat a grilled cheese and a bowl of soup.

As of my last appointment I had only gained 8 pounds since 12 weeks (I never measured before that or knew my pre-pregnancy weight).

I also don't feel hungry most of the time. I might get hungry once a day but that's it.

Anyone else the same?

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Hi there. You can overcome your poor appetite by eating small, frequent meals rather than one or two heavy meals. This will promote digestion and appetite. Also choose foods that can stimulate your appetite--those foods that have aroma with them.

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How do you feel on eating less?
I didn't have your problem but I had gd and as you know I wasn't gaining... I was loosing... As long as baby is growing didn't worry over it.
As long as what you are eating is full of everything you need then baby will take all that is needed.
Plus in the last few weeks I hear that people tend to lose weight rather than gain.
I'm guessing your midwife hasn't said that there is a problem... So don't fret.

Huge hugs

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I guess my problem is I love food, and I hate not eating! I did lose a pound at my last appointment and I'm barely up 20 overall so far. I'm measuring a little big so I guess everything is ok!