Not a lot of activity going on here...tis the busy season?

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Not a lot of activity going on here...tis the busy season?

We must all be busy with the upcoming holidays...or there are just not a lot of January Mama's. How is everyone doing? Getting ready for Christmas? Still have a lot to do? Getting ready for baby's next month?

I have most everything purchased for Christmas but haven't begun to wrap a single thing yet. Still have a lot of cleaning/re organizing to do in preparation for this baby to arrive. Feeling overwhelmed. So much to do. Need to pack my hospital bag.

Need to get the house ready for company...DH's brother is coming the week I am due to visit. Awful timing and I am very unhappy and stressed about it. But it has caused many arguments between DH and I already and I don't have much power in the situation. I just don't think anyone should host company anytime close to due date.

Just trying to focus on getting ready for Christmas and baby and trying to not let his upcoming visit stress me out but its hard.

How is everyone else doing with preparation for holidays and baby?

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Not too many regular posters on our birth board, but the busyness of the holidays may be keeping us away more than usual!

DH and I dropped off the kids at my parents last weekend and did nearly all our Christmas shopping. I haven't wrapped yet, but will do at some point when the kids are in bed.

Haven't tackled the baby to-do list at all.. The day after Christmas is full term for me, so I think that's when I'll hit full gear and get stuff done! Put up crib, buy mattress, rearrange the kids' clothes so there's room for baby's clothes in the dresser, have DH install the carseats in my car, drop off the kids' overnight stuff at my parents' house, pack a bag for the hospital..

Hosting guests is stressful, especially when big and pregnant! Can you use pgcy as an excuse? Like, sorry I'm lying on the couch and not cooking you a gourmet breakfast, but growing a baby makes me tired and there's cereal in the pantry. :biglaugh:

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I haven't organized the baby's room yet cause baby is sharing with my almost 16 month old. These two are very close together as number 5 was I somehow have to squish two babies in one room...crib, toddler bed, two dressers, changing table, rocking chair, etc. No clue how I am going to do it. At least I have the bassinet set up in our room so baby will sleep there for a bit. I also have washed all necessary clothes, blankets, sheets, burp cloths, etc... Just need to pack a bag and get the camcorder ready, and then buy some easily prepared meals for my mom to prepare when she is home with kids once I go to hospital. The other things I need to do are mostly cleaning/organizing, but if they didn't get done it wouldn't be the end of the world. Oh yeah, and put the car seat in the car. I hit full term on December 20th, so that is my deadline to have bags packed, etc. Your plan is a good one also. Smile Yeah, my brother in law better not expect too much of me...and since DH is totally happy to have him come regardless of how bad of timing it is, he better be prepared to step it up and do most of the hosting.

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my feeling on houseguests is..... fend for yourself because i didnt invite you. and i have yet to have a houseguest that i DID invite... so thats my theory! also there is cereal in my cupboard, because thats what I'M having too... eat it or get bent LOL. and thats me NOT preggo talking LOL. oh, and do your own dishes, i also like to encourage that LOL.

christmas is f-ing crazy this year, i hit 37 weeks on christmas day. DH just got his job back at a resort he has worked at before, but he's not even on the schedule for the next week.... i got promoted at work and i'm switching from nights to days, plus appointments every other day from here until kingdom come, we are down to one vehicle at home because DH's tranny is acting up, no money to get it looked at or fixed, this year we decided to make gifts for most of my family instead of buy them, so i painted some nice watercolors (thanks mom and day for that year of art school you helped me pay for!) for everyone and i'm framing them, and making my sister a quilt which i still have the edges to do.

I have 2 gifts for each of my kids, and thats it. i have the bare minimum ready for the baby, hospital bag is packed, some diapers ready, just enough clothes to make it through a few days and i just need to set up the bassinet in our room, but i'm avoiding that until at least christmas to keep clutter down. Since my generous coworkers have decided to put our family on their angel tree i'm hoping that i'll have at least another toy or 2 to put under the tree, my daughters new boots have a hole in the felt liner so i don't know if i should replace them or just try to stick it out (replace seems better when she screams bloody murder because she can't get her boot on by herself, and she spent 20 minutes at school this morning crying because her skater shoes dont feel right and i think they are too tight..... brand new 2 months ago... but she won't wear her purple shoes... ugh.. almost 5 yr olds drive me crazy sometimes. and i dont even KNOW when my family wants to have their own "christmas" because my sister won't be here on the day of so they want to do it the weekend before or something......

and the only good news is that i got myself a new kindle for $5 between discounts on amazon so i will at least have something to do while nursing!