OT, my son dropped my kindle in the dog water today...

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OT, my son dropped my kindle in the dog water today...

... and its not working perfect anymore. its the standard old style, just a reader, no keyboard, no color, no sound, just page turner buttons and a 5 way at the bottom.

In january they dropped DH's kindle fire in the tub. it did not survive.

luckily.... i think mine will! spent 20 minutes panicking that i couldnt get it to turn on (5 hours after it was rescued from the water) but it works again! yay! what would i do without kindle books to distract me?

its like my good old dumb phone.... i've dropped it in the toilet twice and once in a puddle (which was actually at the house we bought,... when we were still looking at houses, before we bought it) and it has survived as well!

lucky me and my bottom of the barrel technology!

my son also dropped my sisters droid in her dogs water last year......

i think people shouldnt let him play with their stuff LOL..... and ya think i would have learned!

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Thank goodness it still works.

Just a tip (since I work in IT and this comes up all the time), NEVER try to turn on an electronic item that's got wet. That will trigger the electrical circuits and short it out in most cases. If you get an electronic wet (phone, tablet, etc), leave it off and immediately put it in a ziplock bag filled with dry rice and leave it for a week without touching it. You need it to dry 100% completely before you attempt to turn it on.

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i know i'm not SUPPOSED to turn it on.... but its totally the first thing i try anyway! it appears to have survived! only occasionally jumps back a random chapter while i'm reading, and i'm not sure its fully charging.