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I know hormones can do a lot of things in pregnancy. In truth, I've never felt much effect from them. Except for one point. Patience.

I used to be the most patient person on earth! It took a lot for anything to bother me. But lately, I just have NO patience for anything or anyone!!

I'm sitting at work (I'm on call this week which means working 1PM - 9PM) and I'm just shaking my head at some of the emails I need to respond to....*sigh*

Anyone else notice how the hormones affect them?

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Hip pain... Lots. Of hip pain... The dang relaxin kicks in (it seems) right along with the bfp!

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Yep, I get pretty impatient and irritable too! (and like you, I'm usually very patient, takes a lot to get under my skin, etc)

Poor DH.. at least he knows what to expect now!