Poop (TMI)

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Poop (TMI)

Anyone else with poop issues? Warning... Totally TMI!!

I've never been regular. I suffer on and off with IBS. I'm a once or twice a week person pre-pregnancy.

For the last 2 weeks I haven't had any real/regular poop. It's like no poop I've ever had before. Not quite diarrhea but not hard either. And very mucousy... If that makes sense. And only little bits, like tiny globs once a day or every other day.

I don't have any pain or discomfort... Just weird small mucous poops.

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What in pregnancy ISN'T TMI? :biglaugh:

Pregnancy definitely throws off my bowels, too. I'm usually regular (daily), and a "clean" pooper, but all bets are off if I'm knocked up. Consistency, frequency, everything. It's all just weird, and frustrating at times!

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i swear if i have raisin bran, i have to poop the second it hits my mouth. i swear. i cant even finish the bowl! i have no idea how that is even possible! i'm strange as well... i'll get a stomach ache because i need to poo... even though its been less than 24 hrs since i went.... i totally feel constipated even though i'm not! totally confusing.