QOTD: Dates?

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QOTD: Dates?

(Sorry for the lapse- we were OOT for the holiday and I left the computer at home.)

Not like we usually get to choose baby's birthday, but are there certain dates that you are hoping s/he will arrive on? Dates you'd like to avoid?

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We're technically due Feb 1... It would be neat to go on Feb 3 (doubt my doc will let me as I tend to get GD). I just hope we don't have a repeat of our last Feb due date (feb 3) as he came Dec 14 at 32 weeks (he's my oldest and a happy healthy guys but that's just too early)

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We're due Feb 13th, but because I need a c/s we'll probably end up with an end of Jan baby. My birthday is Feb 14th, but I know we won't go that long. I don't think there's much of a preference for dates, as long as everything goes smoothly and baby is healthy.

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No preference at all really. I would prefer not to have a baby around the astrological cusp of Capricorn/Aquarius (around Jan 21-23) so either a week before that or after that would be fine. Our EDD is Jan 24 though.

Babies in my family tend to come early, and I'm fine with an early January baby.

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I am doomed to have a Christmas baby. I'm due 1/5 and my last baby came a couple weeks early. I already have a 9/11(that was due 11/4) baby so I'd really rather have my way this time!!! Any day other than Christmas. I wouldn't mind a dec baby so I can get the tax deduction as a bonus!

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i like even numbers. my first came 2 weeks early, due feb 4th, came jan 22nd. #2 came 4 days before his due date, on daddy's birthday, feb 14th, and we named him Jr. this one is due jan 15th... DH says its going to be new years eve or new years day. i'm just hoping for an even numbered day. 8, 10, 12, all even numbers LOL. i have yet to have one overdue though.. never know! my aunt is hoping this one will hold out for her birthday jan 27th, and i have a terrible feeling that i'm going to the the only aries with the rest of them all aquarius! at least they acknowledge that i'm in charge LOL....

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No strong preferences here! It would be nice to go as long as possible to give a little cushion between Christmas and birthday, for the kid's sake, but no big deal.