QOTD: Fall

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QOTD: Fall

What's your favorite part of fall? Favorite fall foods? Activities?

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Pumpkin patching with my kids... We go to the same one every year and have a blast!!

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Everything? The weather, the colours, the food, the harvest. Halloween, thanksgiving (our's is the second Monday of October). Oh yeah, and my birthday!

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apples. fresh amazing apples. and my son wants a pet pumpkin and cried when i wouldnt bring one home from the store for him.

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Wait, what is fall?!? LOL

Here in FL we don't really have fall. We tend to flip flop back and forth with hot and cool weather until Jan and they we get some consistently cool weather with a few cold days from Jan-Feb and then it starts to steadily warm back up to the 90s again by mid-April. No colors change - unless you count the brown dead grass after we get a frost or little to no rain for a few weeks. It's kind of a bummer. I'm looking forward to moving to Michigan in a few years where my parents relocated so I can see what all this Fall business is about. Smile

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My top two favorite things about fall are apple cider and watching our local college team play football. Nothing like it!