QOTD: Finding out gender?

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QOTD: Finding out gender?

Will you?

Why?/Why not?

If you do, will you be sharing the news with anyone else?

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Nope. Team green all the way here. I figure, I may only get to do this once so I want it to be a surprise.

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We will eventually... My besties want to throw a baby shower (they've never thrown one and I've never had one - first born came 2 months early and the day before his, second was too close to first and same gender so we had "meet the baby parties" instead). They want to make the gender reveal part of the party so we'll have the ten write it down and seal it in an envelope then give it to my friends.

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Team green here too. I have never found out and don't plant to this time either. I have to say it is harder this time because I am feeling the need to plan...room changes etc. I was asked if I wanted to find out the sex when I had my first trimester screening. This was not available when I had my last! Hard to fathom that I could already know!

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I'm torn, hence the question!

DD1- Team Green. That was so fun! It also cut down on the sheer number of clothes we got pre-baby (because people tend to want to buy gender specific outfits if they know) and I think increased the amount of useful stuff we got (carseat/stroller/crib mattress,etc). We also received plenty of cute pink outfits after she was born, so we were not lacking!

DD2- We found out, but didn't tell anyone. Kind of fun having a secret to keep!

This one.. DH wants to find out. He thinks it is more necessary for planning purposes, although I argue that we won't change much for one gender over the other. I mean, baby will likely start out in the girls' room regardless of gender, carseat will be some basic color, etc.

Since he compromised with me for the first two, I'll probably give in on this one and find out. :shrug:

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team green. we found out with number 1 because we needed STUFF. with #2 it was more fun. i enjoy torturing everyone else who wants t oknow, and i can't know and not tell, i'm not good at it.