QOTD: Thinking pink or blue?

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QOTD: Thinking pink or blue?

Any hunches as to what this one might be? Had any guesses from others?

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thinkin pink. a coworker says blue. my mom and DH both say twins, one of each... even though we had an ultrasound already that showed just 1. lol. team green either way, i have two coworkers its already torturing them that they don't know and we won't find out, mwa ha ha. i told them today that i was enjoying their pain and they didnt even get it.

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No strong feelings one way or the other. I guess thinking pink, since I have two girls already and just have trouble imagining what having a little boy would be like.

DD1 says she thinks it is a girl but she wants a boy.

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I have no idea... I was sure ds2 was a girl but he is all boy! This one who knows... My oldest says he's getting a sister but then asks in he same breath if his brother is a sister so...

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No idea. Everyone around me has boys. Literally, all babies in our families on both sides are boys. 10+ boys and only 1 girl.

DH wants a boy, I'm happy either way, but I suspect just our luck it will be a girl. I'm really teasing DH about it.

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I have no solid inclinations either way. If I had to pick my preference it would be girl, but Hubs quite vocal about wanting a boy. We will just have to wait until August to see what's in there.

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im thinking girl just for the reason i been feeling the same way with my girl