Question of the week (QOTW): Telling?

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Question of the week (QOTW): Telling?

Thought it might liven up the board a bit to start some daily/weekly questions. Feel free to start a QOTW/D thread if you think of something!

First up, spilling the beans about the bean!

Have you shared the news yet? If so, how did you do it? If not, when do you plan to?

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We've told a few people, mostly close friends. DH's family knows because he couldn't keep it a secret. DH also told his World of Warcraft raid group AND our SCA group (I linked to the SCA as it's easier to point to their website than explain what they are).

In my family, only my sister and her husband/kids know. My mother/step dad and other two sisters do not know. I might tell them at my sister's wedding this weekend, because I don't want to come up with excuses about not drinking and being so tired, etc.

We plan to go "public" (i.e. Facebook LOL) after 12 weeks, assuming everything is going well. I'm on vacation for 2 weeks right when I hit 12 weeks so sometime in there we will announce it. We are huge geeks so we were thinking some geeky Star Trek themed announcement as we picked up a baby onesie star trek outfit at Kennedy Space Center 2 years ago.

I haven't told work yet. Only 2 people at work know, but not management. I'll probably tell my manager just before I leave to go on vacation at 12 weeks. Unless I get an u/s between 12-14 weeks, then I might wait until I come back from vacation just to make sure everything is ok first.

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Definitely not public here. I shared with my BB from DD1 (love those girls!), but that's it.

We'll tell his parents over the 4th, since they are OOT and we'll actually be seeing them in person. We'll tell the kids on the way to his parents (can't trust those blabbermouths.. Wink ). We'll probably tell my parents the following week- whenever we happen to see them. (They are in town, so it's easier to get together.) Siblings will get called after the parents know.

I wanted to wait to tell most people till we've heard the HB.

I haven't had any u/s or bloodwork, so I have no other assurance that things are going well other than the fact that AF is still MIA. Can't wait to hear that beautiful thump thump!

Work will find out when I can't hide the bump- probably somewhere between 16-18w?

Youth group will find out when meetings start up for the fall (around Labor Day).

Probably won't make an announcement on FB. We're excited, but this is kid #3 for us, and realistically, most people (i.e. the general public) won't care too much.

As to how? I got matching Big Sister shirts for my two girls. They will wear those over to our parents' houses when we announce.

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we told DH's family, because they either lives with us or far away. they know to keep quiet. i told everyone at work. because i throw up all the time. a couple friends. DH has told tons of people at work, tons of friends....

BUT I HAVE NOT TOLD MY FAMILY. oops. when i told my mom with the other ones i know she meant congrats, but what she said was "again?" and i really don't want to deal with her lack of support...

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"gypsy86" wrote:

when i told my mom with the other ones i know she meant congrats, but what she said was "again?" and i really don't want to deal with her lack of support...

Oh no!

DH says when we tell his parents, he thinks his dad will say something like, "You know what causes that, right?"

I told him if he does say that, I'm going to play dumb and say, "No, what? Enlighten me!"

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We told close people immediately as we were so shocked we didn't know what to do. We told FB and everyone after our 8w u/s.