Rowan is home!

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Rowan is home!

Rowan came home this morning. She is doing really well. Exclusively breastfeeding but she will also take the bottle from anyone but me (LOL) if needed.

4lbs 13 oz as of today.

Sorry I haven't been online, been at the hospital mostly but I hope to be online more now!

How is everyone?? Doesn't seem to be any other babies yet!

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So glad you got to bring her home so quick! She's very lucky. Enjoy that freedom of feeding on demand. And taking a bottle from others is great, gives you a mini break. Smile

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So glad that you guys are now at home as a family!

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Yay yay yay!!! What great news! Welcome home, Rowan! I haven't heard of any of our others being born yet, but now you have me curious, so I plan to go stalking our Polar Bear mommas to see if anyone has posted elsewhere. Smile

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Awesome news!

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Fantastic!!!! Congrats and enjoy!

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What great news! So glad you are all doing well.

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:lurk: Yay! So glad to hear this news!!! Neither of my kids would take a bottle from me, they knew I had the real deal. Rowan has good taste already, LOL!

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Yay! I hope she grows quickly for you.

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Terrific! So very happy for you all! Smile