s/o say what??- Funny things said TO you?

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s/o say what??- Funny things said TO you?

Gotten any funny/weird/inappropriate comments during pregnancy? Comments on the size of your family or spacing between kids? Comments that made you just shake your head, laugh, or roll your eyes?


I work as a nurse, so I have a few stories along the lines of people being afraid to let me do anything.

1) Another nurse and I boosted an itty bitty old lady up in bed (seriously,

2) Fellow nurse walked by, trying to find enough staff to do a special way of lifting called an ortho lift (requires a few more people). She started to ask me, then stopped herself and said "Never mind, you're pregnant" and kept walking. I said "Whoa whoa whoa, never mind what?" She explained what she needed and then said, "But you can't help, so never mind." I protested. "My doctor has given me no restrictions on what I can do! If I could do it before I was pregnant, I can do it now. Don't go putting restrictions on me that I don't have! I will help." Nurse said, "Ok ok fine.. but you can just hold the feet or something." :roll:

3) I answer my patient's call light. She needs a boost up in bed. I said, sure no problem, let me go get one other person and we'll scoot you up. She says, "YOU aren't going to do it." I said, "I'm not going to do it by myself, but let me just find someone else and we'll do it together. That's safer for both of us." She says, "No, YOU aren't going to do it at all!" and points to my belly. A couple students walked in right after I walked out to find someone, and she was complaining about "that pregnant aide who refused to move me." Oh good grief!