shower invite insert wording?

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shower invite insert wording?

I didn't want to post too many questions in one thread and this is a tangent on my baby shower questions.

Aside from the deciding who to invite, I want to put an insert in the invites with info about registries. I think that's pretty standard but I don't want to put just a "so and so are registered for the baby here"...

I want to inform people that we are going to cloth diaper. I've registered for some cloth diaper supplies at two places, but I don't want people to think they HAVE TO buy those specific items. Like, if someone knows a cute place to buy covers or all-in-ones, then I will happily accept that. Basically, I'm not picky and anything cloth diaper related will be accepted. How do I word that?

Also, as I mentioned in another thread, I want to do books instead of "Hallmark" cards and ask people do do well wishes/inscriptions there instead. How would I word that on the invite?

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Lurker - I think your role in this is to let the people throwing you the shower be aware of what you want - and it is up to them to figure out the wording or how to communicate it.

Typically when people RSVP they will ask those kind of questions to the host(s) of the shower - so as long as they know how to respond to the questions - they can worry about how to phrase it
Your job is to sit back, relax and be the guest of honor (and grow that baby!)

And to piggy back on your other post - as far as who to invite - who do you want there - that's the most important (imo) - but one thing to keep in mind - this isn't like a wedding shower (where you typically invite people who are invited to the wedding only) - everyone loves babies and some people just love showers - especially someone who is a newer mom (they often have the best insight into the things you might not know that you want!)

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Sometimes when you register at places, they give you a stack of cards/papers you can put into shower invites. But I don't really know how to creatively word it other than that! That diaper info should probably be worked into that part.. hmm. "We've registered at That One Store to give you ideas as to our parenting style, tastes, and intentions (cloth diapering, for instance), but please feel free to stray from the registry if you feel so inspired!"

I still love that book idea. What about.. "Help us introduce our baby to the classics! Bring your favorite children's book in lieu of a card."

That's all I've got! Smile

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Thanks everyone. I guess I'll just let my "planners" know and let them figure it out??

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Take a deep breath and remember you are pregnant. Nothing will be perfect and people will forgive you if they know what's good for them. Wink

I agree with telling your planners what you are worried about and let them plan. And have fun!