So embarrassed....

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So embarrassed....

OMG the worst thing happened to me today.

I went to the mall (to get away from crazy house) and while I was there I bought a few groceries (broccoli, pasta sauce, macaroni, pepsi and a chocolate bar). On my way back to the bus stop I stopped at the mall washroom to pee. As I'm leaving the stall I unhook the bag off the back of the door and slip....smash....


Everything in the bag was covered, and the bag was ripped and glass all over.

I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to throw out $15 worth of food either. I laid out some paper towel in the baby change area and put the bag there. I figured I could rinse my items and put them in a clean bag, but I had none.

At this point I started crying.... like full out bawling in the mall bathroom. I just couldn't handle it. I had no idea what to do. Do I leave my bag there and run to a close by store for a new bag? Or just throw it all out and go back to the grocery store? I didn't want to throw out anything (except the pasta sauce obviously) but I was alone with no one to help...

Luckily two women with kids in strollers came in and one was kind enough to offer me a clean bag to put my things in. I then cleaned up what I could into the new bag, threw the other one out, then notified mall security to send someone to clean up.

Talk about low point of the day. I'm still upset over it. I mean, it's just pasta sauce but still...

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Oh yeah, and it was Sun Dried Tomato Alfredo sauce. Nice and stinky and looks a little like puke. I feel bad for anyone hitting that washroom after I left until it got cleaned...

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What a bummer!

I have definitely cried over a broken grocery bag (when pg with #1), and I don't even remember if anything in the bag spilled/broke.

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Awwww... Hugs!!