Sorry been MIA (XP)

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Sorry been MIA (XP)

Hi everyone!

Sorry I've been MIA....lots happening!

School ended. Had a week off (woohoo...though full of dr. appts!) DH's dinosaur of a computer died never to revive, which is the main reason I've been MIA. I hate actually posting on the tablet, and DH pirated my laptop, since he uses his computer for all of his work. That should change though b/c all of the parts he ordered for his new computer came in and he finished building his new computer and installing his stuff on it last night. WooHoooo!!! And, I started the church school's summer school this week. And in between it all I'm trying to get my house into a non-disgusting shape...its pretty gross right now. So, busy, busy, busy.

So, I'm BAAAAACCCCKKKKK!!! Hehe....missed you gals!

In pg news, I feel GREAT!!! This pregnancy is SOOOO much easier than DS was....and I'm SHOWING!!! I forgot how early this happened with DS. I'm in just about all maternity clothes, and I'm not even out of the first tri yet! Kinda annoying, but kinda fun too. I'm still able to wear my jean skirt b/c I'm doing the hair band trick on it...but its still tight at that and I'm about to graduate to a bella band over it. Sorry, haven't taken pics yet, b/c I'm a fatty and hate pics, even though ALL of my pics always cover my belly. Maybe I'll do some tonight for ya'll though. Smile

So, I'm gonna go rustle up some trouble in all the other threads I haven't read in forever. heehee. Smile