Startled baby?

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Startled baby?

Yesterday was our 5yr Anniversary and my sister and BIL took us sailing at their yacht club and then out to dinner.

The club they belong to is on the Toronto islands so we have to take a ferry to get there. The ferry ride is about 10-15 minutes.

So, we get on the ferry yesterday and as soon as it gets out of the dock and revs of the engines, the vibrations must have caused baby to startle as I felt all kinds of weird sensations down there all of the sudden. They stopped after a few minutes.

Now, being that it's still early, I wasn't 100% sure it was baby. So I waited until the ferry home to see if the same thing would happen. Sure enough, as soon as the engine revved up, the same sort of flips and bumps in my uterus started.

It was very cool!

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Yay! That is so fun, feeling baby move. By this time with DS I was consistently feeling him a LOT. However, the anterior placenta, in addition to a quiet baby overall, is not doing me any favors this pregnancy!

Excited for ya!!

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i went to a concert when i was 5 months pregnant with my daughter, she loved the drummer. kicked the heck out of me!

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Baby boy liked to ride in the car. Doesn't matter if I'm passenger or driver. I feel movement always when in the car. Actually the first movements I started feeling I noticed while we were in the car - no radio or anything - just cruising.