Still don't believe it some days

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Still don't believe it some days

Gosh...I'm almost 15 weeks and some days I still don't believe I'm pregnant. It still feels weird to even hear the words come out of my mouth! Maybe it's because I've been waiting so long and I'm a FTM but wow... it just doesn't feel real yet for me most days.

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I hear ya! You will have a constant reminder when you have that obvious baby bump!!! Just wait until you refer to your baby after delivery as "my son" or "my daughter"....that was sooooo crazy for me!

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I hear ya! Almost like you're waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the bad to catch up and happen.

... I have a kid who is about to turn six, and that still strikes me as bizarre.

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**Lurker from Feb**

Wait until you introduce your 2.5 yr old and he screams 'I AM TWOOOOOO'

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i was always afraid i'd forget my kid in the car. never did. knock on wood. just because i'd not be used to taking her places! nope, always remembered my first! ... yes, i still remember her... and the other one too..

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sometimes i feel like that seeing this is #5