stopped up.

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stopped up.

Man, I've become uncomfortably constipated. Ugh. I usually have the opposite problem since I have so many food sensitivities. I was really gassy yesterday, but it didn't lead to anything. Now I can feel some gas still twisting and turning in there, but it doesn't feel like it wants to come out at all. I'm sore from it too.
I've been taking 8mg zofran once daily to combat horrible morning sickness. anyone know if this will help slow you down even more than the usual progesterone induced constipation of early pregnancy?

I'm drinking tons of liquids today and going to resort to prunes tonight if I can't get some relief. Good think I like dried plums!


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I believe zofran is very constipating.

Dates work well...Mmm...bacon wrapped dates.....

I'm used to constipation because I have anemia issues and very low iron so I'm always on huge doses of iron which can stop me up. However, my nausea/vomiting/diarrhea episode Tuesday and Wednesday cleared me out.

I believe colace is safe to take as well?

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Lots of apple juice... It's stops you up and gets you going!

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I took zofran during my last pregnancy and it made me very very constipated. When my doctor prescribed it she told me to get as much fiber as I possibly could.

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ugh, i go from gassy and constipated, to gassy and the opposite, luckily its like every other day rotation so it all keeps moving, but it would be nice to have a comfortable BM for once!

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