Stork Craft Brand?

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Stork Craft Brand?

Anyone know if Stork Craft brand is good? I was thinking of this crib but the reviews are so-so on various sources (amazon, BRU, etc). Lots of complaints about nics and cracks and holes not matching up so the furniture can't be put together right. This was the set I was thinking of getting:

Stork Craft Lily Combo Chest-espresso |

Matching hutch:
Stork Craft Lily Hutch-Espresso |

Stork Craft Bradford Fixed Side Convertible Crib (04550-329) - Espresso : Baby Cribs - Best Buy Canada

Should I risk it?? They are solid pin so at least not MDF.

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I'm pretty sure my crib and change table set is Stork Craft (because the change table/dresser looks the exact same as the one you posted) I got mine at Sears 6 years ago before DS1 was born. We are still using both things and they have held up well. There are no nicks or scratches that I have noticed. And bonus, the crib we have has never been recalled!

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Thanks! Good to know! I checked them out in store and they look solid and well put together. I guess just a few people had problems and they reported them online. It's just a few bad reviews and the rest seem ok though.

I'm hoping to order the pieces online next week when I get paid. Some people reported that the paint smell on them was kind of heavy and recommend airing them for a while before you use them with baby. I figure I'll open the boxes when I get them just to air out and when DH's family moves out (hopefully November 1) I can start putting things together!

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Robbie's crib was a stork craft. It had the drop-side and so it was recalled but they immediately sent us the parts needed. I put it together and it was solid.

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:lurk: Both kids have Storkcraft cribs/beds and dresses and they have survived 3 moves in 6 years. Smile