Stupid little things I need!!

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Stupid little things I need!!

I've started making a mental list of things I need, some of which not necessarily baby items, and it's stressing me out!

First of all, we don't own a camera!! Well, we have some old digitals that are on their last legs, and the obvious smart phone cameras, but I want a REAL camera to take good pictures with of the new baby (and videos as well!) I'm eyeing a Nikon D1000 (or D2000 if I can find one used maybe).

Second, we need a second TV or something upstairs in our house. All we have is one in the basement, which only has a small loveseat to sit on which is very uncomfortable for long periods of time. I would like a TV for our living room which has the nice sectional, especially if I may be spending long hours sitting and breastfeeding.

We also need a second dresser in our bedroom. Either that, or a LOT more hangers for the closet. Right now all of our clothes don't fit in the dresser, and I'm out of hangers to hang clothes. We live out of laundry baskets of clean clothes because I have no where to put them. Very frustrating. And hangers aren't cheap?? I did some research and most places that sell basic plastic hangers, they are about $2 a piece. We need like 100 or more which is why we were thinking a dresser makes more sense....

We just got a steam cleaner last weekend so that's one thing off my list!

Anyone else making lists of things they need before hand?

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This is kiddo 3 for us so our "list" is very short. Mostly it's things for oldest's room (he's out growing his toddler bed) and a few things for seconds big boy room (brothers toddler bed, a hamper and maybe a chair)... But my best friend has a kids resale store so some will probably come from there. We went to set up a registry (for the list making and deals) and I think there were 8 things on it.

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Pretty sure I started making lists 10 minutes after the BFP. :biglaugh:

Ditto Mamaterp- we don't need much in the way of stuff, except carseats. I love our current seats, but there is no way to get three of them into either of the cars, so we'll have to bite the bullet and buy a different brand. I've been watching a few websites for sales on those. When it gets closer to time, we'll likely put the big girls into a bunk bed and use DD2's crib for the new one. So at some point we'll have to go find bunk beds. I also need to rearrange the way I have their/our dressers, too. DH especially has several drawers full of clothes I haven't seen him wear in several years- I'd like him to either get rid of it or store it so I can have that space!

I can't believe hangers are so expensive! That seems like a high price. Any friends in the area with some spare hangers? Also, do you have freecycle around you locally? ( People who have stuff to get rid of post it on there, and people who are looking for particular things post requests. We got a couch that way, and I was able to get rid of some stuff like clothes and wedding decorations, and it's all free. Worth a shot.. Maybe you can get a dresser.

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Yeah, hangers are super expensive. I was at Walmart and a 5 pack of basic plastic ones was almost $10!

I was thinking though, in the meantime I'm going to have to start putting away my pre-pregnancy clothes I no longer fit into as they are just taking up room. That should free up a lot of hangers.

It sucks, we only bought our house last year and moved from a one bedroom apartment so there are so many "house" things we don't have yet, like laundry hampers and hooks on the walls....just little things that make for lots clutter on the floors. We've been in the house a year and I still haven't organized the linen closet properly....

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OMG, i have to update our carseats totally, i think i will need like 6 of them since we keep a set in DH's truck. ugh. ok, well, i'm going to say i need TWO for sure, ones that fit a 40+ lb child in a 5 pt harness for a LONG time. the others we can just switch to different vehicles, my friend is giving me her infant seat. lucky me.

we bought our house last november, and there are TONS of things we need. like a flat screen tv wall mounted so the kids can stop climbing the entertainment center. a decent computer! internet at home.... we need to fix the stairs and tear out and re-insulate one wall upstairs, plus put more insulation in the attic... discovered after we bought the house that one wall just is not insulated. f*ckers.

there are no closets upstairs. we need to build 2 walls, install 2 doors, and make the upstairs into whole bedrooms instead of just sections.

i need all the baby equipment, swing, bouncer, jumper, exersaucer. at least i don't use baby bathtubs and i already have stroller and baby carriers. and i need a new breast pump and probably to replace some bottles and all nipples that we have.

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When I run out of hangers/dresser space I purge my wardrobe until everything fits. Just a thought. It also cuts down on massive amounts of laundry too.

We need everything, but there are many "must haves" that we are foregoing. I'm not buying a bedding set, or elaborate swing/bouncer/seat things. I'm keeping it super simple. Anything that is only used for 3-4 months I'm going without or only considering if I find it used for VERY cheap. This isn't my first, but it has been over a decade since I had a baby, so while we have nothing I know that so many things are just unnecessary and you can make do for the short period of life where they would be useful just fine without them.