Well, that was an interesting turn of events! Last night my dog ripped off one of his nails at the base (at 1:30AM) so we had to take him to the emergency vet. Didn't get home until 4AM. I was so stressed about that I completely forgot about my feet. However, this morning they do look much better, not pre-pregnancy but not puffy. I forced myself to sit with them up all last evening so I guess that helped. And because I slept on the couch with the dog after 4AM, I was forced to sleep on my left because of how the couch faces so that probably helped.

Unfortunately, I backed out of a funeral today for my step-dad's brother who passed away Tuesday morning. I wanted to go support my parents but with the swelling, and the dog (have to watch him 24 hours after the sedation), and it being my only day off I know I need to rest with my feet up. They understood but I still feel bad.

I admit though, I'm a little worried about this week. A hot spell is coming so I hope that doesn't make it worse again. I just need to remember to sit down more and force myself to put my feet up.