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Team Green vent

Well...sort of. Wasn't sure how to title this post.

All my life I only ever wanted to have a boy child. I grew up with all sisters and I was sick of girls. When we started TTC 6 years ago I had 2 nephews and 1 niece, that was it. I wanted a boy then.

However, now the current count for me of nephews vs nieces is 6 to 1. 6 nephews. My only niece is the oldest of all of them, and she's 19. In the last 2 years alone between my sister and DH's siblings there have been 4 boys born. That's 4 new nephews in the last 2 years.

That's just between DH and I. On my side of the family, my step-dad has had 2 new nephews in the last 2 years as well, and another on the way for January from my step-brother. And my older sister has no nieces at all, her daughter is the only girl out of all the cousins from my family and her husband's family!

So... needless to say, EVERYONE wants us to have a girl. Both sets of grandparents are constantly saying how much they want a girl. My sister was given a bunch of brand new girl bedroom items and clothing when she was pregnant but she ended up having a boy so she wants to give us all the items.

I'll admit I'm feeling the pressure to find out and I think I'm scared either way. If it's a boy, I feel like everyone will be disappointed (except DH who only wants a boy). I feel like it won't be as special because of the 4 boys we already have in our family all under the age of 2 yrs. If it's a girl, everyone will be happy but DH. I mean, I know he won't really be unhappy, but he really wants his sports playing hockey boy.

In my gut though...I think it's a boy. Ever heard of nub theory? Yeah...I shouldn't have done that. I googled and compared. I know it's not an exact science but still. And at the u/s yesterday the tech never asked us if we wanted to know the sex at all, but she started using "he" in all her descriptions. Maybe she was just being generic though because baby wasn't turning on it's side so how could she have known? Unless she saw something before she let us look?

Up until 2 years ago all I wanted was a boy... now.... I think I want a girl only because of all the boys. I want ours to be special, not just another boy...kwim?

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Your baby will be special no matter what gender it is, because it is yours. Don't overthink it because it is what it will be. You guys will adore him or her regardless. Each gender has so much to bring. My husband wanted a boy with our first because he wanted a hunter and fisher. We were both secretly hoping for another boy when we had our second, but got a girl! She has my husband is wrapped around her finger and she loves to fish and can't wait to hunt.

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I understand your feeling. My mil had three boys while trying for a girl. I have two boys already and my bil has a daughter. I know my mil and dh would love a girl. I think either would be fine. All my friends want a girl so they can shop for cute pink things (all are done having kids).

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Rachael, look how far you have come! 19 weeks, I am sooooo happy for you and Dh Smile

Who cares what sex your baby is - he/she is special regardless because you fought so hard to have him/her!

I actually think you're going to have a girl, call me crazy but I'm usually spot on haha. I think DH will LOVE having a daughter too - yes, boys play sports but so can girls. My DD and her Daddy are thick as thieves and they kayak together, adventure through woods and climb trees together...... boys are ALL for their Mummies Wink


P.S - As this is your first and because of the struggles you had with getting pregnant, I think you should relish every bit of it and NOT find out the sex. Honestly, you will be SO happy you stayed green!

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I think with you being team green, people will be even more excited when s/he is born when they find out who this little person is, regardless of hopes or expectations. I mean, if you find out now, they might be more inclined to comment on whether they like that you're having a boy or girl, but when that little baby is born, people tend to be more excited, since it is a BABY and not just a gender.

Don't know if that made any sense (just got off three long shifts in a row). Sorry if it didn't!

Anyway, there are exciting things about both boys and girls. DH wanted a boy with our first, and we have two girls so far, but DD1 seems to be a fun blend of girly (dress up, princesses) and rough and tumble (playing sports, watching football). DD2 seems to be developing in a similar way. I imagine our little boy will have a healthy exposure to both dolls and trucks!