Trouble with a co-worker! (vent OT)

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Trouble with a co-worker! (vent OT)

I have 4 weeks of work left and this one co-worker of mine is giving me this massive hard time after a problem he got in trouble for last week (because of me calling him out on his mistake).

I work in IT so this is all computer related stuff that happened....

Without going into exact detail (can't because of my job) but basically, something was passed to me to do, and I did it as outlined in an email that was documented. Then something broke REALLY bad after I left the office and they were asking me all kinds of questions like "why didn't you do this or this first, instead of XXX plan of action"?? I had to tell them I didn't handle the case and that my co-worker did and I only did the XXX plan he passed me.

He only mentioned to me the other options to XXX plan AFTER I had already initiated it, which means I couldn't have done them. Also, what he wanted me to do was NOT communicated to all parties involved and even if he had asked me before I had started it, I would not have felt comfortable as we could have got in trouble for doing things we didn't have permission to do.

Basically, things broke because HE didn't do his job right in the week before this plan was initiated, and he is convinced it's MY fault they broke that day because I didn't do what he wanted me to do, which he only verbally communicated after the fact!

So ever since this happened last Tuesday he's been doing nothing but make negative comments about EVERYTHING I say, work or non-work related! I can't touch an email in our team shared bin with out him saying I did something wrong or I can't say anything about what a correct process is without him saying it's all wrong.

Today we have a meeting with management (him, me, and a few other people who were involved in the issue) to do a timeline of what happened. I'm freaking out that he's going to make a stink in the meeting and try to blame it all on me! I've already sent a detailed email to my manager about what happened so she knows....I just hope he doesn't try to twist everything!

And if he keeps going on like this I'm going to have to report him to management for harassment. I can't deal with this stress right now and he's making my work hours a nightmare!

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I think you should go ahead and report him, no sense in letting this go on for days longer.

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I'm going to see how he behaves in the meeting today and go from there. He will either be quiet or challenge me. We shall see. Wish me luck!


Well, he behaved in the meeting but as I suspected (as I was not in the office the day after it happened) he had twisted what happened and made the issue out to be something it was not. My manager was under the opinion that I refused to fix something, which is true, but only because it was not approved. He had said I said something different which was untrue. So yeah...not happy.

I'll be booking a meeting with my manager next week to clarify my case though as I think she has the wrong idea. (and I'm in training the rest of the week....)