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    Not sure. I've only been in there for follicle ultrasounds. Sometimes the techs take 15 minutes and I get close to snoozing off. I usually just stare at the ceiling and zone out. This time will be different though and I'm probably going to be in panic mode!
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    I think the reasons for the us matter... With follicle checks its a matter of medical opinion if they're ready ( I think ) and the techs can't make that decision.... With baby us they are a lot more free to point stuff out (a leg is a leg is a leg... ) they won't necessarily give you their opinion on things like uncalled fold testing (one of the markers for downs) or abnormal stuff, if that makes sense.

    With my m/c, I could see the sac and see that there was nothing in it. I asked if what I saw was right and the tech (usually very talkative) was quiet and said "well, lets let the doc look at it" (or something along those lines).

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    Quote Originally Posted by raingirl28 View Post
    Yeah, they already warned me that it will be both. So come with a full bladder (and they also said to eat a good lunch first too?)
    Since this is your first "early" sono.. It will be a Transvaginal sonogram and its the opposite about bladder. They will ask you to empty it for this type of sonogram. Later when you have an abdominal one... That's when you need a full bladder.
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