Updated* Baby girl is here!

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Updated* Baby girl is here!

2:48 am EST this morning baby girl was born via emergency c-section. 3lbs 8oz and 18.9 inches long. Full head of red blond hair! Baby came out screaming and is breathing fine on her own. Already showing a suck reflex too. No name yet but we are working on it. I'm sore but surviving. Can't wait for breakfast though as I haven't eaten since lunch yesterday and I'm starved!***I can't post a pic as my data plan is too low but baby has a name now. Rowan Isabella Evelyn M. We are all doing well. I finally get to shower today and I can't wait!!***Ok, here is a pic:

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Congratulations love!
That's a great weight for 33,weeks Smile
I was born at 34 and was 3lb 2 oz and there were no problems with me.
Your little girl sounds amazing and obviously just wanted to be with mummy and daddy!!!
So so so happy for you all!!!

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Awww! Congrats!!! GLAD ALL IS WELL!!!!

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Congrats on your new family of 3!!!! You did great hanging in there. I know this wasn't the birth you had hoped for, but look at that sweet baby girl and nothing else matters anymore!!!! I am glad you are doing well and hope you get to eat soon. My #1 was an urgent c/s at 32 wks---you will get through this. I love how long and lean she is. Baby's that have had growth restriction and "stress" from decreased blood flow are often scrappy and tough and fly through their nicu stay. (speaking from a nicu nurse perspective Lol Hang in there, get rest, and pump a TON!!!!!! If you haven't started you should ASAP. KUP

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(((((HUGS)))))) Congrats Rachael!!! Incredibly happy for your family!


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Oh congratulations honey!!!
I'm sorry things didn't work as expected, but soooo glad that baby is fine and you are fine and that you have a new little sweetheart to love and hold (AND show us lots and lots of pictures of!!!) Smile Fantastic news!

I hope you heal very quickly and that baby doesn't have a long hospital stay! Update us when you can Smile

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Congrats Rachael - I am glad she's here and safe. Best wishes for the weeks ahead! Also, I hope you heel well (and quickly)

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Can't wait to see pictures of the cutie! Glad all are doing well. Fingers crossed for a short stay!

*as a side note* I know when my first was early and in the NICU my hubby didn't seem as "interested" (not quite the right word but...) He would come and see baby and then go hang out in the lounge while I cooed and checked in with nurses and kept track of everything. It felt really wrong to me. He didn't seem to want to be there with our son. I think one of the nurses noticed and told me that it is VERY VERY common for the dad's to act like that. It's too overwhelming and they can't do anything to "fix" it. They feel helpless and scared. It really helped me to realize that his way of dealing with the stress of an extended NICU stay (17 days total but we were expecting 6-8 weeks). I was able to let go of my expectations and let him deal in his own way. My son is 5 now and a total Daddy's boy! And really as soon as he came home my hubby did a 180! Always holding and playing and napping with baby. I asked my hubby about it later, and he basically confirmed what the NICU nurse said. He was scared and weirded out and uncomfortable. With all that said, when I was stuck in bed on meds and not allowed to go anywhere he was totally all DAD, but as soon as I could "be in charge" he backed off to where he was comfy.

I don't want to be a downer but it's definitely something I wished I'd known sooner.

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So glad to hear that she is doing well...and that you both are. Happy that she is breathing fine on her own. Congratulations! Looking forward to pics and a name.

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Congratulations!! And so happy she is here safe, and healthy!!!

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RACHAEL! Congrats on your baby girl!! :wootjump:

Glad she is doing well considering the craziness of the past week! Share a pic when you can, can't wait to "meet" her!

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WTTW lil one. Im glad she came out screaming and rather well considering everything that has gone on. Ive been following your posts for a bit now. Hopefully you figure out a name soon. I bet she is precious.

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Congrats on your baby girl! Glad that everyone is doing ok!

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Congratulations!! Wishing you a speedy recovery and a brief and uneventful NICU stay for your little girl. So glad she's here safe and sound. It can be tough emotionally having your tiny baby in the NICU... hang in there!!! It gets better!

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Congratulations Rachel! I'm so happy to hear she is here and doing well. My DS1 was a 33.5 weeker due to PROM. It's not how you want things to go but it is a good gestation to get to as they usually just need a little time to grow and develop. I've always heard baby girls do better when arriving early too. I hope she has a short stay in the NICU.

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WTTW baby girl! I'm so happy she's here safe & sound. You did a great job, Mama!

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:lurk: Congrats! Beautiful name!

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Congrats and WTTW Baby Rowan! (I love that name by the way!) So glad that she is doing well, and hope that you are both home from the hospital soon.

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Congrats Rachel! So happy you are all doing well! I hope the NICU stay is short! Too cute about the red hair! Smile

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I updated the EDD list with her birthday and stats- let me know if you want more/less info on there!

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If you ever want to talk about BF in the NICU, feel free to message me.

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Aww, she's tiny and perfect!

Side note- so strange to realize Miss Rowan is likely similar in size to the little one I'm baking. Makes it more real! Thanks for the sneak peek!

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Thanks everyone.

Rowan is doing well and I've been discharged. Everyone says I'm recovering really quick from the csection. I guess I just don't want to sit around and do nothing right now!! DH and I are considering seeing The Hobbit this afternoon even! My incision feels sore when I sneeze and it hurts when I stand at first then it feels ok once my muscles sort of adjust. I just hobble around slow. Going to bake a bit today as it doesn't require lifting.

I'm pumping every 3 hrs and getting approx 5ml of colostrum now each time total, and a little more each pumping. No milk yet which is starting to freak me out but the lactation consultant isn't worried. Just need to keep pumping! We won't try any breast time until 35wks which is next Thursday because she's too small. But she has a feeding tube which they are putting the colostrum in.

I didn't know about post-partum edema though and my feet and legs are so fat today! Before I was discharged yesterday the nurse said it was normal and could take a week to go down.

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I was just coming on here to ask how you were doing. Hurray for being discharged! Keep at it with the pumping- that colostrum is exactly what she needs right now, and it's nice to have something you can DO while she's in someone else's care, kwim?

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Don't worry about the milk. Colostrum is so much better for her right now.

Glad you are recovering quick! Don't do too much and don't be surprised if you can't accomplish what you thought you could. I had that trouble after my gal bladder surgery. I cried cause I thought I could do something and I started it and then couldn't finish and it was a big mess and....


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Congrats on your very beautiful baby girl!

Sounds like you are doing great with the pumping!

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I think the milk is coming in. Not as epic as I imagined (no firm boobs or engorgement) but I'm getting more and more liquid with each pump and it's not thick anymore…. I went from 5 ml last night total to 20 ml out of each boob just now!! Exciting!

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She is beautiful!!! So tiny and perfect!

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I kept a note book to record my pumping results. It made me feel better that it was working and being able to see improvement.

Glad everything is going well!

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Love her name, wonderful to see you holding her and happy with how healthy you both are. Happy 2014!

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That sounds great! My milk didn't fully come in till 5 days pp - first gradually like you are describing and then suddenly boom - engorgement and all. I was pumping too.

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Rachael, so sorry I didn't log on till now but major Congrats!!! She's gorgeous!! Yyiipppeeeee!! Smile

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Congrats! I just got on here for the first time in forever. I hope that you had a wonderful first Christmas with Rowan. Smile

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Congrats Rachael!!!! Glad you are both doing well! So happy for you!! Smile