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Can't sleep! Back and hips killing me!! Think I over did it for Halloween... Spent all day cleaning then hiked around with kiddos for 2 hours and carried one home on my shoulders. Been up since 3 am and sore tired and sore that Friday is gonna suck! Plus I have GD so only a couple pieces of candy were eaten all day!

Thank you for letting me b*tch and whine and throw a pity party. We did have lots of fun and the kids had a blast.

Anyone else wanna join my pity party?

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Sounds like you had fun! I wish we didn't have to "limit" our activities and could be the same as we were pre-pregnancy! Just cleaning one room wipes me out for the rest of the day!

I hear you on the sleeping! My problem is that my hands are falling asleep and I keep waking up with burning searing pain! I already had pre-existing nerve issues through my elbow (cubital tunnel syndrome) which is similar to carpal tunnel but it starts in the elbow. It's just way worse now. It literally feels like someone is holding a flame under my last three fingers on my right hand! I think the nerve is being pinched at the collar bone level though now because if I lay flat on my back with no pillow it helps. But we can't lay on our backs long in the 3rd trimester so it's just a temp fix!

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Hi. I suggest you to take a rest for a while. Remember, being in a good condition really helps. Do not tire yourself a lot.