What are your labour plans?
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Thread: What are your labour plans?

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    Default What are your labour plans?

    What is everyone planning for labour?

    As of right now we are still doing a home birth. However, we were told we need to do a consult with an OB first to get the OK because of my hystereoscopy last October to remove a uterine septum. The midwife wants to have the OB review my surgery notes from the fertility clinic and all the rest of my file to see if I'm at risk of anything because of the surgery. I still don't have a date for that consult yet (not even sure they will want to see me or if it's just a file consult done by the midwife).

    I am already borderline being out of the home birth category for other reasons. First for age as I'm 35 in October (they don't want FTM doing home birth after 35). I also have a few fibroids and fibroids can cause heavy bleeding after birth which can't be handled at home well.

    If we do have to do a hospital birth, I am CLUELESS! I've never in my life considered a hospital birth. I almost went to school to be a midwife years ago and going back to highschool I always said I would only do a home birth if possible. It's such a foreign concept to me! I just hope we get to do it at home!

    I'm also worried about reaching DH if I go into labour while he's at work. He is always away from his desk and he starts a new job in October. He never remembers to charge his phone either. You would think with two cells (work and personal) he would answer but he never does! I should get his manager's number just in case....
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    well, good luck getting him to remember to charge his phones!

    we are planning a hospital birth at this time because the closest home birth midwives are 2 hours away, and if my water breaks, they can't make it in that time, baby would be born by then. i'd prefer to have a home birth if i could, but location is a huge obstacle. when my daughter was born they had JUST phased out the CNMs at our hosptial and i was forced to see the OBs halfway through my pregnancy when they decided to do that.

    my first birth did NOT go how i wanted it to, and i think it was just the OB on call that day had certain preferences, and i did not have a written plan so they went with his plans and kind of ignored my requests to get in the tub etc, and just kinda pushed me into the bed on my back like i really didnt want to be.

    we made a birth plan with #2, and it went very well a different OB was on call that day and we loved her. pretty much all my requests were honored, and i plan on using the same "birth preferences" with only a few tweaks for this one.
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    Great question!

    Hopefully your DH will be better about having the phone close/charged when it's getting close to "go" time!

    I love my OB, and I really like the hospital here. It's <10 minutes away, and I delivered my first two there with no issues.

    My only hiccup this time is that my OB switched practices and now does 95% of her deliveries at the hospital across town, and she is worried that she won't be able to make it in time to deliver my baby (I have super fast labors), depending what else is going on. She brought up the idea of induction, which I'm not crazy about, but she says in the past I've been a great candidate for it, and her induction/csection rate is super low since she does not induce if she doesn't feel confident about it.

    The other factor is that I have two kids at home to figure out what to do with. They'll stay with my parents while I'm in the hospital, but depending when I go into labor (if they're at school/daycare, or home with me, etc) will affect what happens next.

    I'll have to do some brainstorming as the time gets closer!

    I'll definitely plan to have the girls' overnight stuff already at my parents' house from about 37w on, and I may just install the carseats in their car to be ready!

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    With ds 1 I was on bed rest for a week and had a non emergency, emergency c-section (basically we have time for drugs/set up/ planning but we're not waiting to see...

    Ds2 was a vbac - my water broke around 5 pm and I called my doc (I was on insulin for gd and wanted to know if I should eat, bring my insulin, wait til contrax were closer...). They said come on in, no rush but don't wait (so they could monitor sugar levels as labor can mess with gd. Then called my folks to watch ds 1 and give me a ride to the hospital. Then called dh (work is 45 minute commute). Got checked into the hospital and waited for dh. At about midnight they started pit (I was contracting but not really... Same as my mom who also used pit to "jump start" her labor)... Around 3 I asked for an epi. Then slept til morning. Hubby and I played games and read and watched tv (I do like epis). About noon they came in to check and I was ready to go. Baby was out three pushes later.

    Hoping that this one is more like ds2. I generally go in with a "these 3-5 things are important to me, so if we can do our best to get them we'll call it good" and then have simple things on the list. For example with Ds2 it was very important that barring a really good reason I wanted "the golden hour" and everything to be done on me or in the room (staff was fully supportive of this). I also wanted to NOT be offered pain meds, I would request them if they were desired (again staff was fully supportive). I also knew that with my history I would be "tested" often (high blood pressure and gd) so I requested that tests be grouped as much as possible and limit interruptions (staff was great about asking non time sensitive questions when they were coming in for test). I found a simple general plan is easier to "make work" and I always had a "baby and my safety comes first but if we can make these thing work too great" attitude.

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    My first was complete bedrest at 28 weeks and hospitalized 23 days before delivery due to placenta previa. I had an urgent c/s at 32 weeks. My second was at 38w5d, my water broke and was instantly started contracting every 3 min(unfortunately my ctx's were 2 min long, so only had 1 min break BRUTAL). This was 3 days before my sched. rpt c/s. I ended up having a successful vbac and a relatively quick labor thanks to my epidural helping me to relax. I got my epid at 1.5 cm and was 10 cm 4 hours later. I plan to vbac again if it all works, but will do whatever is needed for baby. I will deliver at the hospital where I have had all my babies (also where I work )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamaterp View Post
    I found a simple general plan is easier to "make work" and I always had a "baby and my safety comes first but if we can make these thing work too great" attitude.
    Love this!

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