Winter Coats?

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Winter Coats?

I know it's a little early to think about this one, but I'm worrying a little about what to wear when the weather gets cold. I have a long commute by transit gets VERY cold here starting at the end of October/early November. Right now I have an arctic level winter parka and it barely keeps me warm as I have a problem with low body temperatures. To give you an idea, I used to live in the caribbean for a bit and even though it was nice and hot, it wasn't unusual for me to wear long pants and a hoodie. Right now I'm wearing sweat pants and a hoodie, thick socks, and drinking tea and it's summer (and no, we don't have A/C)!

I know they make maternity coats, but they seem thin and not warm and expensive for something to use only for a few months. Second hand is non-existant here for maternity wear so finding one used I don't think will be possible. My current coat is form fitting so I know it won't fit.

I was thinking of getting this. I don't think it will work as a coat though as it's just fleece and I don't think it's lined or anything. It might get me through October/November though. A friend of mine has one and it worked for her in Halifax, but they tend to have warmer winters where she is...

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I was just on their store and they say the Grey/Black ones are made of a thicker fleece that is warmer so maybe it's an option.

OMG I just googled and found this but it's $480:

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Ooh, I haven't thought about it yet! My other babies were born at the end of summer, so it was a non-issue. Maybe just a larger size of the one you have?

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I, too, have only had summer babies. I hate coats and live where it will get cold, but not Canada cold!!! I would maybe try ebay for a deal????

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I don't do ebay or buy online. It's too costly for Canadians (most of the stuff worth purchasing is in the US so not worth it). My current coat cost me $400 so I doubt DH would let me buy another. Hmm...not sure what I will do.

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Try Plus size stores, or stores with Plus size - I had an April baby and made it through the winter with a coat from a Plus size store - it wasn't a tight fitting style , but it did the job once I couldnt' zip my other coat anymore Smile (Penningtons or Addition Elle can be affordable)

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my DH wears a 3xl, so i just steal his spare coat. he has a few that are for sports teams etc that he doesnt usually wear, or had to have and realized it was just a bit too snug, so i just steal one of those for the winter. once my peacoat doesnt work with 1 button anymore.