wow i'm emotional today...

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wow i'm emotional today...

its been a busy strange day anyway... let me tell you about it...

this morning DH went TO WORK. for the first time in 2 months... lol... and its a job he's had before, seasonal, so i doubt he'll get fired... our budget is tighter than... well.. lets say its really tight, ok? like i've been stressing about what is going to be under the tree, its TIGHT.

well yesterday our preschool lead tells me about this "angel tree" she has in her classroom so that our rich parents can donate to our not so rich families here... and that one rich parent wrote her a $500 check on the spot for it! WOW. i thought it was so nice i teared up. kinda wished i could get one more thing under the tree for my kids, but i was NOT going to be selfish and nominate myself or anything.

well, so today my van overheats on the way home from taking Ellie to school... i limp home... my dad comes to check it out... waterpump is shot. well at least it wasnt a head gasket. but van is not moving. and today i was planning on picking up our sitter, then dropping myself off at work and the sitter was going to get Ellie from school until DH got home. well... there goes that plan..... i start freaking out. realize that our propane tank is at 20% already. freak out some more. need to see the chiropractor or i'll be out of work. freak out SOME MORE.

call 4 different people hoping someone can drop me at work and pick Ellie up and watch the kids. FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE, but like 3 others were on standby...i felt bad using them all.... ugh. i got all choked up on the phone with my mom who was at work, felt guilty making her feel bad. it was a mess. finally got Ellie picked up early, got to work just a few minutes late, and the preschool teacher asks if its ok if she puts my kids on her angel tree.... so i start BAWLING. she says they know its tough for me right now and say they're going to get me a gas card too, and they wanted to present it to me at the staff party but didnt want to offend me... HELL NO I AM NOT OFFENDED. i'm freaking greatful.

but i can't talk about it without crying! i'm blaming the hormones... i'm a mess.

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Awww... Hugs!

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That would get me all emotional, too!

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